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Though we are not an authorized Tutima dealer, we are pleased to offer these authentic Tutima timepieces:


Tutima has been producing fine watch movements since 1927 in Glashutte Germany, the home of a great German watchmaking.


Resurrecting itself in West Germany after the WWII. Dr. Ernst Kurtz, set up a new company, Uhrenfabrik Kurtz, in the South of Germany. In 1951, the company moved to Ganderkesee in Lower Saxony. Together with former Glashütte employees, Kurtz picked up where previous developments had left off with the intention of maintaining the watchmaking standards of the past.


Building on the successful ebauches movement  a former associate of Dr. Kurtz, Dieter Delecate, having taken over the branch of "Tutima Uhren", continued watch production with ebauches from other sources.


It was not long until the complex mechanical watch enjoyed a revival at Tutima. The year 1985 saw the launch of the mechanical Military Chronograph 798-, specially developed by Tutima on behalf of the Germany Army and standard equipment for the German Air Force pilots ever since. This chronograph has meanwhile proved its value a thousand times over in many countries under the toughest conditions.  


tutima-781-01-v3-detail-a4-300dpi.jpg tutima-760-01-v3-detail-a4-300dpi.jpg









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